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If she's not typing away at her keyboard, you can probably find her at Disneyland or watching Star Wars or both. Skip to main content. Forums Shop Toggle Search. How to use the Apple Support app on your iPhone or iPad How to use the Help app on your Mac How to chat with Apple support online or on the phone How to set up a genius appointment at an Apple Store or authorized service provider How to use the iMore forums for help with your Mac How to use the Apple Support app If you have a functioning iPhone or iPad, you can get on-demand help right from that device with Apple's Support app.

Free - Download now How to use the Help app on your Mac Your Mac comes with a very useful Help app that answers questions about every aspect of your computer. Click on Help in the Menu bar at the top of your Mac's screen. Type in a query , like "downloading apps" or "new user. Select the search result from the list. Help will show search results based on the app you are using.

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For example, if you are using Safari, it will show results for help with Safari. If you have Finder selected, it will show results for Finder. When searching for help using a command for a program, you can hover over menu results and an arrow will appear next to where you will find it in the app's menu. How to use the iMore forums for help If your Mac or iPhone can't help you find a solution to your problem, try the iMore community!

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How to join the discussion on iMore How to chat with Apple support online or on the phone If searching on your Mac or iOS device doesn't help, and if the iMore forums can't solve your problem, you can go directly to the source: Apple support. Visit Apple's support page or the Apple Support app.

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Select the device you want to fix. Select a category that your issue falls under. Select a topic. How to set up a Genius appointment at an Apple Store Sometimes, reading and chatting online isn't enough: If you have a hardware problem or tricky software issue, you may have to bring your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to an Apple Store for diagnostics and possible repairs. Visit Apple Support or the Apple Support app.

READ THIS BEFORE: booking an Apple Genius Bar appointment

Click on Bring in for Repair. Enter your Apple ID and password. Select a location. I tried on the Apple site to make and appointment online and gave up. Found this and was able to make an appointment in less than 5 minutes! Thanks so much! Unlke Laura above I live 35 minutes from the nearest Apple Store. Why should I have to drive there in order to sign up for Genius Bar appointment?

More to the point, why does my Apple store Christiana Mall Delaware no longer include on its web site an easy-to-find list of Genius Bar offerings in the store on a monthly or bi-monthly basis? Sign me frustrated. Trying to make an appointment for the genius bar is an absolutely horrible experience. No one is available.

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Why should I have to drive to a store to make an appointment? Needed to go to Genius Bar based on recommendation of wonderful Apple support tech i spoke with online but we could not solve the problem. Your email address will not be published. How to News Not working?

Apple Store Tour (London - Regent Street)

Tips and Tricks Guides. Terrible system for attempting to schedule appt at Genius Bar. What Genius developed this? Related Roundup: Apple Stores.

READ THIS BEFORE: booking an Apple Genius Bar appointment - Nexus

Tag: United Kingdom. Top Rated Comments View all. So Apple is redesigning its stores to better feature 4-year old computers, 3-year old phone casings, a tepid smartwatch and a sea of tablets.

go site Maybe it's the products that need a major overhaul and not the shelves Angela puts them on? Maybe the priorities of this company are ass backwards?

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I walked by few days ago at night time when the construction workers were offloading delivery most likely tables so I had sneak peak inside. Yes, it does have trees there and it looks totally different. I didn't recognise it at all. It did look gorgeous though so I'm curious to see the final thing. Hooray - London will be back up to its full complement of locations at which you can't get a Jet Black iPhone. The front of the store won't change very much, Regent street is owned by the queen and managed by Crown Estates on her behalf.

Many years ago I opened a store on Regent Street the restrictions are huge.. I agree that they should put the Genius Bar in a separate room. You should check in near the door, and they show you into a Genius Bar Lounge to wait, with ice water dispensers and restrooms. Then when they notify you through a message on your device or calling your name if your device isn't working, you go through another door to the Genius Bar. It would make it seem like you were going into the inner sanctum of the store, and make it a nice experience. Wow, paying Fosters for some minor renovations Apple is in La La land.

For heavens sake its a glass fronted shop with a few tables and shelving from Ikea in it. Its not some deep and meaningful piece of architecture, its a sodding shop. The Apple Watch stores, e. Covent Garden deals with it better then most because the Genius Bar is on its own floor. Mall stores on the other hand, where space is constrained, are terrible. Regardless of an appointment it requires traversing large crowds, malls - yuck - parking etc I like it.