Fractal application mac os x

Fractal-generating software

AltiVec, and SSE, when available. This code will also compute correctly on single processor machines and non-vector processors. New in version 1.

Huepfer -- Fractal screensaver for OS X Mountain Lion

Thanks xlr8yourmac! Requires Pooch v1.

Fractal Software

See the the DR product line for more examples. This code has achieved: 1.

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Why Flame Fractals? Fractal images can be awesome images of exquisite beauty. The eye is drawn to symmetry and color patterns, which outstanding fractal images possess in abundance. Fractal Architect allows you to create awesome flame fractal images with little effort. You can use it to create your own Desktop background images. Flame fractal images are beautiful and can be easily modified to create an infinity of different images. Flame fractals have been used for special effects in recent movies and animated YouTube music videos.

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